Sustainability challenge in the Chemical industry: 5 tips for increased efficiency and attractive energy savings.

The chemical sector has a key role to play in tackling climate change and achieving energy targets. The wide scale of efficient solutions using performant lubricants can bring low emissions and energy savings to the sector. 

As chemical companies struggles to achieve their energy targets and have a responsibility in meeting their greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, learn how our wide range of efficient solutions and our speciality lubricants can bring emissions down and generate energy savings into this industry.

Do you know that you can improve your compressors or gearboxes efficiency and save between 2 to 6% in cost of energy when you switch from a conventional mineral oil to a Klüber Lubrication synthetic lubricant?

Reducing your impact on the environment starts by lowering lubricants consumption and by having a better management of your disposals. Klüber Lubrication speciality lubricants allows continuous operations up to 6 times the service life of conventional lubricants. Stop doing unnecessary oil changes, wasting oil and increase your equipment availability with Klüber Lubrication speciality lubricants.

In this 45 minutes webinar, you will get an overview of concrete case studies for different applications and how innovative solutions and speciality lubricants can help the chemical industry to play a leading role to produce more with fewer emissions.

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Jonathan Venditti

Jonathan Venditti

Global Market Manager - Chemical Industry,

Kluber Lubrication

Christian PIZARRO

Christian PIZARRO

Market Manager Chemical Industry,


Vicente Sánchez

Vicente Sánchez

Team Leader Central-South Zone / Chemical Industry Manager,


Massimo Rossi

Massimo Rossi

Senior Area Manager,

Kluber Luberication Italia

Tuesday, November 17th 2020

from 11:00 to 11:45


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