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Cosmetic claims: what are the rules?

Claims are considered the most powerful tool in the marketing process of cosmetic products. They make it possible to differentiate a product compared to other brands.


In fact, claims play a key role in promoting cosmetics by highlighting innovations and product effectiveness. Yet, everything cannot be presented as a claim. As a matter of fact, a claim must be truthful, objective and based on solid evidence.


However, today, European regulations do not propose a white or black list of claims. Thus, it is sometimes difficult to know how far one can go to claim efficiencies while remaining within the framework of the law.



  • Clarification of guidelines and rules to follow
  • Examples of Authorised Requests and Non-Compliant Requests
  • Feedback from a variety different brands

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Nataliya Muller

Nataliya Muller

Responsable Marché Cosmétique,




Regulatory Expert,


Tuesday, September 24th 2019

from 11:30AM to 12:15PM


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