Covid-19 Live-chat - Red-on-line & William Dab Epidemiologist

Live Q&A with our expert William Dab, professor of epidemiology and former head of health of France.

An hour-long interactive session to answer all your questions about Covid-19 and its impact on your organisation and also to discuss the latest regulations and scientific guidelines to ensure employee wellbeing.

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William Dab William Dab is a Professor and Health and Safety Chair at Cnam – France, where he trains specialists in occupational health and environmental risks, notably through an engineering course in risk management. He is a doctor specialised in epidemiology. His career has been entirely devoted to health and safety, whether it be developing tools for risk assessment, monitoring and management. As a former Director-General of Health, he was a member of the WHO Executive Committee and Chairman of the European Environment and Health Committee for the WHO European Region. He has also published a number of books related to health and safety.

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William Dab

William Dab



Wednesday, April 1st 2020

from 16:00 to 17:00


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