Intraosseous anesthesia : Unseen opportunities in Endodontics

Why anesthesia is a challenge in Endodontics ?

In Endodontics we have to work directly with intensely innervated tissues, often with high levels of inflammation conditions. It is not humanly possible to touch the pulp tissue without an 100% anesthesia.

Unfortunately, with traditional techniques, a lot of failures occur with lower molars and sometimes with upper molar palatal roots. 

The ultimate anwser : intraosseous anesthesia !

In this webinar Dr Stéphane DIAZ, an endodontic specialist, will explain how intraosseous anesthesia has revolutionised his practice and how he uses it daily. 

"It's miraculous, my patients ask me if I have given the anesthesia yet !  It's really painless and fast acting; I start the dental procedure immediately after delivering intraosseous anesthesia, without unnecessary numbness and post-operative effects" Dr Stéphane DIAZ



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Dr Stéphane DIAZ

Dr Stéphane DIAZ

Endodontic specialist & implantologist,

Dental Hi Tec Academy trainer

Dr Andrew PRYNNE

Dr Andrew PRYNNE

General Practice,

Dental Hi Tec Academy trainer

Wednesday, May 13th 2020

from 16:00 to 16:30


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