Microfluidic concepts and challenges for the characterization and sorting of bioparticles


The webinar will be divided into two parts. The 1st part will present the research priorities and different microfluidic approaches of the department of Nanobiophotonics of the Leibniz-IPHT in Jena. The second will focus the work of Daniel Kraus, Ph.D. Student at Fluigent/Leibniz-IPHT, on image-based multispectral characterization and sorting of bioparticles: Bioparticles are ubiquity spread entities in nature, medicine and technology. The composition and quality of particles and especially bioparticles gaining increasingly importance in industrial production, material sciences and quality assurance. Morphological properties of particles such as size, diameter as well as spectral information are important quality features for the process control and particle identification. The aim of image-based on-chip spectral classification is to achieve higher accuracy and higher throughput of samples compared to conventional methods.


Scientific applications:

  • microfluidic synthesis of nanoparticles
  • digital PCR
  • droplet generation + sorting
  • image-based flow cytometry
  • microfluidic spectral characterization and sorting of bioparticles



The webinar will be aired on Thursday 28th May at :

  • 5PM Central European Summer Time
  • 11AM Eastern Time
  • 8AM  Pacific Time

Conference animated by :

Daniel Kraus

Daniel Kraus

Ph.D. Student,


Valerii Shkuropat

Valerii Shkuropat



Thursday, May 28th 2020

from 5:00PM to 6:00PM


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