Red-on-line & ECOLAB - Breaking Down EHS Compliance Silos to Mitigate Business Risks


Sebastien Varin - EMEA Regional Process Safety Engineering Manager at ECOLAB

Sylvie Audureau - Project & Account Manager at Red-on-line

EHS compliance management, in general, has become more business-focused and play a crucial role in managing the overall business risks and closely linked with corporate objectives. The new EHS compliance approach at ECOLAB required the EHS teams to be proactive in identifying EHS compliance gaps, harmonise EHS compliance management across the organisation and leverage EHS data to drive improvements.

Watch this webinar recording where we'll explore how ECOLAB successfully implemented a global EHS compliance management to reduce business risks with Red-on-line EHS solutions.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The EHS management framework and compliance culture at ECOLAB
  • ECOLAB's compliance management journey and its critical success factors
  • Key EHS metrics assessed
  • Red-on-line's EHS compliance solutions and its deployment methodology
  • Benefits of a robust EHS compliance management

Wednesday, September 9th 2020

from 5:00PM to 6:00PM


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