Smart Cities for Citizens

Interested in learning everything you can about smart cities? Would you like to know how citizen participation can help develop better and more appropriate smart cities and how citizens can trade energy based on blockchain technology? Sign up and participate in this topical discussion between architecture and tech professionals.

In an era where IoT and AI play an important role in the evolving infrastructure of urban settings, how can all those involved initiate the right, human-centered projects that will define our smart cities?

Participating professionals are Thomas Ermacora, regeneration architect and technology futurist, and Molly Webb founder of Energy Unlocked, whose mission is to put the future of energy in peoples’ hands.


What will be covered in this Webinar?

  • Participatory design tools

  • Open policy frameworks

  • Smart AI built on good data and real time behavioral acting like urban domotics

  • Exergy by LO3 Energy

  • The Brooklyn Microgrid (BMG)


Is this Webinar for you?

Whether you’re an active member of the tech industry, an architect professional focused on smart buildings and smart cities, a businessman looking to create a startup in the sector or a citizen interested in the future of your city, you are the soul of each and every project.

Join us to discuss citizen participation, the trading of energy via blockchain technology and more. Have your own point of view? Let us know during the discussion. Have some pointed questions? Ask our participating experts during the webinar.


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Thomas Ugo  Ermacora

Thomas Ugo Ermacora

Founder and Director,

Clear-Village.Org & MachinesRoom.Org

Molly Webb

Molly Webb


Energy Unlocked

Tuesday, February 27th 2018

from 3:00PM to 3:30PM


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