Intraosseous Anesthesia - The Game Changer !

Despite the regional differences, there is one major similarity in our patients all over the world – they are all human beings. As such, all dentists face the same challenges in delivering a painless dental experience to their patients. 

Anesthesia is at the heart of the relationship that we establish with our patients. The clinical serenity obtained with an effective dental anesthesia ensures their confidence and cooperation​ while guaranteeing an efficient delivery of treatment for the dentist.  
New technologies and proven techniques are now available. In this webinar we are going to introduce them in order to improve local dental anesthesia with a focus on intraosseous techniques. Using these techniques, you will then be able to optimize both your patients care and practice profits. 

  • Traditional local anesthesia techniques   
  • The concept of intraosseous anesthesia  
  • Clinical video and applications  
  • How to provide a painless intraosseous anesthesia 
  • Questions and Answers 

"I have studied and practiced many traditional local anesthesia techniques and different anesthetic products during 32 years of practice. However, none had such a radical and positive effect that the adoption of intraosseous anesthesia 5½ years ago.”  Dr Andrew PRYNNE 
" Since the beginning of my practice in the early 80’s, I have used intraosseous anesthesia techniques. I tested a lot of devices. Currently, 90% of my anesthesias are given intraosseously." Dr Stéphane DIAZ 

Conference animated by :

Dr Andrew PRYNNE

Dr Andrew PRYNNE

General Practice,

Dental Hi Tec Academy trainer

Dr Stéphane DIAZ

Dr Stéphane DIAZ

Endodontic specialist & implantologist,

Dental Hi Tec Academy trainer

Wednesday, April 29th 2020

from 16:00 to 16:30


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