Your webinar in 4 steps


Create your webinar on Webikeo

  • - Fix a date
  • - Give it a catchy title
  • - Describe the content of your webinar


Invite people

  • - Invite your contacts
  • - Promote your webinar
  • - Benefit from Webikeo traffic


It is up to you !

  • - 15 to 45mins to lead your webinar
  • - Participants can see and hear you
  • - You answer their questions


Win a community

  • - Federate around your expertise
  • - Repeat your webinars
  • - Create your notoriety

8 Reasons to Use Webikeo for your webinars

A page to describe your webinar and skills

Tools to bring the world to your webinar

Automatic reminders for your subscribers

A simple and reliable virtual room, no software to install, up to 1000 participants

A subscription form for your website

Advanced statistics to optimize your performances

Advertising tools to promote your webinar

A help desk from Monday to Friday

They speak on Webikeo

Frequently asked questions

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online conference, avalaible upon registration, which brings together professionals for discovering new solutions and create professional relationships.

What is Webikeo?

Webikeo allows the organization of professional webinars, on business topics.

What are the services provided by Webikeo?

Presentation page for your webinar

What do I need to animate a webinar?

You need a computer, a wired connexion (no wifi please), a webcam (integrated or not), a mic (integrated or not) and a presentation support (powerpoint or pdf, less than 15mo, on average 10 to 20 pages).

What are the main steps?

You propose a webinar on Webikeo (title, description, date, …), then you promote it (plan a few weeks), then you lead your webinar (15 to 45 minutes). If you do not have time to take care of the promotion, you can subscribe the advertising tools from Webikeo.

Can there be several speakers?

Yes, your webinar may involve multiple speakers at the same time (up to 6).

What is the added value of Webikeo?

Gain time and money: Webikeo makes you enjoy all the benefits of a professional event (visibility, organization, linking with participants) without move.

How can I be sure of having participants during my webinar?

Once your webinar created on Webikeo, you can share it by email or on social networks. Moreover, you can subscribe advertising tools from Webikeo.