Is the BYOD a security hole for your business?

How to control the security of your employees’ personal devices while respecting their privacy?

Bring Your Own Device: a trendy practice that grows more and more in the corporate space. If it has many advantages for both employees and employers, it pushes the boundary between private and professional life and it poses obvious security concerns for those in charge of IT security.

Without qualified security mechanism, BYOD mobile devices are exposed to threats coming from mobile applications. So security schemes must reinvent themselves to offer solutions combining privacy respect and optimum protection guarantees for the company.

To help you successfully implementing your BYOD projects, solutions guaranteeing a total security do exist.

This new Webinar proposed by Pradeo will help you discover or learn more about the different threats brought by the BYOD and technological answers.


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Wednesday, November 9th 2016

from 14:30 to 15:00


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