CFO's headache? Does he need an effervescent Information System for Finance?

Your CFO's under pressure, give him air with AI Suite.
The CFO is under pressure, his day-to-day assignments are multiplying and he's facing more pressing demands from the business.
To move from reactive to more proactive mode, it is necessary to control the flow of information.

By taking part, you will be able to learn Axway's point of view and recommendations on the digital transformation of the financial information system based on its long-term experience from hundreds of clients and analyst viewpoints.

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Axway Accounting Integration Suite is a comprehensive, secure, and proven solution for managing, automating, and optimizing the process of data transformation and integration between back-office business applications and financial information systems. 
AI Suite enables companies to evolve their business models and accounting at different rates, adapt to digital change, and securely expose services and data for new uses.
AI Suite enables hundreds of companies to generate more than 5 billion accounting postings every day.

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Jean-Claude Bellando



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Monday, June 22nd 2020

from 11:00 to 11:30


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Axway Financial Accounting Hub

Axway Financial Accounting Hub