Creating business value through Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence

emlyon business school is introducing a series of 10 webinars titled "How is the current situation accelerating transformations ?", presented by 10 professors-researchers from emlyon business school.

9th webinar : Creating business value through Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence, by Margherita Pagani, Professor of Digital Marketing.

As AI tools become more commonplace, many businesses find themselves playing catch up when it comes to incorporating them into their existing infrastructure. In this webinar, based on a classification of  867 AI systems, we describe four types of AI-Supported Tasks and we explore how AI systems can create business value.   As companies go about integrating these tools into their organization, understanding the differences between these different types of AI-supported tasks can help them determine the best tool for each job, figure out how best to support that tool with human employees, and ultimately optimize collaboration between human and machine.

This emlyon business school webinar will last 1 hour. It will begin with a 20-min presentation, followed by a Q&A session with the speaker.

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Margherita Pagani

Margherita Pagani

Professor of Digital Marketing, Director AIM Research Center on Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation,

emlyon business school

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Thursday, December 3rd 2020

from 13:00 to 14:00


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