HA-QSARs by KREATiS – everything is in the HA: High Accuracy

CEHTRA’s R&D subsidiary KREATiS working on in silico modelling will present a Webinar on High-Accuracy QSARs* (HA-QSARs)


In the process of the registration of chemicals, the main part of the budget is devoted to laboratory studies, many of them on vertebrate animals.

Paul Thomas will focus on how using HA-QSARs can help cut your study costs dramatically while respecting the principles of the 3Rs to reduce animal testing.

QSARs are recognised as alternatives to experimental studies under REACH Regulation provided that they follow the OECD 5 principles and sufficient documentation on their validity is provided. Other regulations are starting to follow suit.

KREATiS has created a set of related QSARs for physicochemical properties, ecotoxicological and more recently, toxicological endpoints, covering many studies required by REACH Annexes VII and VIII (and even IX for certain studies). These KREATiS iSafeRat models called High-Accuracy QSARs are linked using a “cascade approach” and are all crafted using only the best quality, internally validated data which makes them unique in their accuracy and their precision.

Find out how these models work and what makes them so original in this Webinar.


*QSAR : Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship

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Thursday, May 12th 2016

from 14:00 to 14:45


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