Explore design, aesthetics, sustainability and regulatory compliance with innovative cosmetics materials

The use of plastics in cosmetic packaging encompasses a multitude of challenges: aesthetic, financial, regulatory, and environmental.

To address these issues, DuPont, the market leader in thermoplastics, elastomers, biopolymers and finished pieces, has a large number of solutions tailored to packaging demands of cosmetic brands:


  • How to ensure the protection of the formula while preserving the aesthetic qualities of packaging?
  • What solutions to combine durability, cost reduction, aesthetics, functionality and overall regulatory compliance?
  • Compatibility between container/content and regulatory requirements?

DuPont’s plastic ranges are well suited for a wide variety of functional applications (pumps, mascaras, mechanisms of red to lips, primary packaging, etc.) while combining aesthetic and regulatory compliance.

Beyond their purely industrial qualities, the resins specifically adapted to the requirements of cosmetics brands, also feature many sustainability assets to meet today’s environmental challenges. Allowing, for instance, thinner walls, they can lead to material savings and packaging weight reduction. Thanks to their high aesthetic qualities, some resins may also free brands from the need to apply silicone coating on the packaging.

Other well-known materials, such as Surlyn, have been improved so as to widen the possibilities of use in new designs.

To answer these questions and explain the different offers, DuPont will held a free educational interactive webinar, on November 26, 2015

Three main topics will be featured:

  1. Overview of the regulatory environment for the cosmetic packaging
    Mrs. Françoise Godts – Food Contact Manager EMEA
  2. Addressing new cosmetic packaging challenges with DuPont Advanced Polymers
    Mrs. Alexandra Fabbro - Food & cosmetics segments manager at DuPont Performance Polymers
  3. Design possibilities and innovation with the Surlyn material
    Mr. Philippe Milazzo  - Global Market Manager / Cosmetic & Perfumes Packaging


Conference animated by :

Godts Françoise

Godts Françoise

Food Contact manager EMEA,


Thursday, November 26th 2015

from 15:00 to 15:45


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